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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

10 health benefits of cocoa powder
10 health benefits of cocoa powder

Due to the amazing health benefits of cocoa powder, it has incredibly popular and famous in past some years for treating many health conditions naturally.

Have you ever thought why the massive majority of the public likes to eat chocolate? and the biggest reason for this, due to the fact that chocolate makes us happy all the time when we eat it.

Chocolate contains cocoa which is one of the most impressive moods lifting natural readily available remedies on the earth. It also helps improve immune function, reverse aging, prevent cancer, and even decrease blood pressure.

Therefore in this article, I’ll describe 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder, and why you should consume it on a regular basis.

Before understanding the actual health benefits of cocoa you first need to know where from it comes.

Cocoa first used by the Maya civilization which is from Central America, many years later it was familiarized in Europe by the Spaniards in the 16th century which is now becoming top of the most famous health-promoting substances of Europe.

here is the detailed infographic of the health benefits of cocoa powder.

Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder
Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

health benefits of cocoa powder

From here this article focuses to revealed 10 Amazing health benefits of cocoa powder, and why you should consume it on a regular basis.

  • cocoa powder can help slow down the aging process

No one’s desire to appear older than they really are. One of the top ways of doing this is by making sure yourself that your exercise stress sleep and diet, are as well balanced and healthy as possible.

But there’s one secret thing that many people don’t think about and obviously never practice, and it’s a consuming antioxidant, like the ones found in cocoa powder Have a wonderful anti-aging impact on the human body.

You see the polyphenols contained cocoa has been linked to manifold health benefits, including normally lower blood pressure, good blood flow, decreased inflammation, and improved blood sugar levels or even cholesterol (1).

This simply means that cocoa not only makes sure to help the entire human body but slows down the aging process easily.

As a whole, cocoa is top of the prosperous sources for polyphenols, cocoa especially ample in flavanols, which have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Now there’s one detail to all of this, and it’s a heating and processing cocoa, causes it to lose a few of its profitable properties. These processing factors result in a 60% reduction in flavonol content, which is the most profitable aspect of Cocoa.

So if you’re thinking about using the cocoa, the best type and the one you should look for is the one that has not been processed, or heated, or stripped away from its health benefits.

  • Cocoa powder makes you happy

Think it or not, Cocoa has the ability to make us happy and put us in a very good mood.

We’ve all felt sensory happiness of consuming chocolate and can be some of us even have hinted the happiness rise in our bodies many hours after having a suitable dose, this positive impact on the mood has been known to cure for many years.

The issue is that many people don’t think about it or don’t talk about it. we see the flavanols contained cocoa helps the body transform something known as tryptophan into serotonin which is a natural mood stabilizer that the body requires to stay happy and calm (2, 3, 4).

And not only that, because cocoa has the right effect on our brains can as well as be top of the reasons why cocoa may improve your mood and your symptoms of sadness or depression.

Due to this reason many doctors like to tell their patients, especially those who are really suffering from premenstrual syndromes or depression, to take a tablespoon of cocoa powder, obviously, organic powder, every single morning, and every night.

Cocoa contributes very well to emotional stress and depression. just to have a thought of how effective cocoa can be,

For example, one study on pregnant women with stress level and chocolate intake demonstrated that more frequent consumption of chocolate was allied with lowered stress and improved the mood of their babies very impressively (5).

I personally love to take some pure unprocessed cocoa when I’m feeling blue. and I must say it’s very very effective.

  • eating cocoa is cancer-protective

If I had told you 30 years ago that certain foods have a powerful effect against cancer, I would have probably gotten into trouble.

The truth is nowadays we all know that new scientific study is showing how much foods may indeed have a vital effect on our bodies, and especially cocoa with cancer, we see cocoa has one of the best concentrations of flavonoids out there.

This means cocoa can significant to bits of help to cancer prevention, and very more than any other food on the earth.

According to test-tube studies, the components found in cocoa have to see a very strong antioxidant impact that protects us from inflammation, normally protects ourselves and inhibits cancer cell growth, and induce their death a lot compared to any other edible (6, 7).

And to effectuate this, many animal studies do using cocoa extracts, or cocoa-rich diets, have seen effective results when it comes to decreasing prostate liver breast pancreatic, colon cancer, and even leukemia (6).

I believe cocoa is one of the certain substances on the planet qualify for protecting you from such a type of cancer.

Who knows maybe in a couple of years scientists may be able to discover a natural cure from cocoa powder.

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  • cocoa consumption can improve brain function

If you didn’t know this, this cocoa health benefit has become most popular in the past few years, it has the ability to improve brain function very more compared to any other edible.

Not two or three but numerous new scientific studies have demonstrated that the polyphenols like the ones found in cocoa powder, may decrease our risk of neurodegenerative diseases that improve blood flow and brain function (8, 9, 10, 11).

You see polyphenols found in cocoa may cross the blood-brain interrupt, and this includes them in a biochemical route that contributes to produces significant molecules for brain function and brain health, and neurons.

On the above of that, these flavonols impact the output of nitric oxide, which improving blood circulation and flow to the brain and even may relax the muscles of our blood vessels (12, 13).

for effectuate this, a two-week study done on 34 older adults which are given high flavanol cocoa and, the result demonstrated that blood flow rises with 8% in one week, and 10% in the next week. and this is a wonderful number of brain irrigation (14).

however, these studies indicate that everyday regular use of cocoa may improve mental demonstration and people that infested from mental impairments, including diseases like Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s.

nevertheless, more research is required.

I mean what more can we ask for. This is just with the intake of cocoa powder.

  • eating cocoa will help you lose weight

This could sound strange, but it is reality, cocoa, not cocoa contained by chocolate, may easily promote us to lose weight,

We see in the few study cocoa has been seen to help regulates our use of energy, which may rise fat oxidation and increases the feelings of fullness and, lowers our appetite inflammation (15, 16).

For example. in a population study, researchers concluded that people who consumed chocolate a lot repeatedly The mass index of those people was very lower compared to other people who didn’t consume it (17).

does not forget that, natural cocoa intake contains healthy fats that contribute your body to be contented for a longer period of time and decreases your hunger.

Now, this obviously works better when you benefit from cocoa and not from market available chocolate in which already mixes additional sugar content and that accumulates calories and worsens our weight problem.

And if you want to purchase cocoa, look for that which is unprocessed, untreated 100% organic cocoa bar that has all its fat, all its substances, and all its ingredients.

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  • cocoa improve nitric oxide level may reduce high blood pressure

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder both forms can be easily capable of contributing to decreasing high blood pressure (18).

This impact was the first shown in the cocoa-drinking island people from Central America, who had much reduction in their blood pressure compared to without-cocoa-drinking mainland relatives (19).

The flavanols in cocoa are known to easily improve nitric oxide levels in the blood of humans, which may reduce blood pressure and increase the activity of your blood vessels (18, 19).

For example, one meta-analysis with cocoa on blood pressure of 35 trials, where patients provided 1.4- 105 grams of cocoa products, or an estimated 30-1,218 milligram of flavanols,

And in the results found that cocoa produced a little but important reduction of 22 mmHg in blood pressure,

Along with this, the impact was higher in people who beforehand had high BP compared to participants without it and in older people than younger people (19).

Nevertheless, don’t forget to think that processing and heating may decrease the number of flavanols, therefore, the impacts most likely wouldn’t be seen from the normal or average chocolate bar.

  • can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke

Other than lowering blood pressure, it shows that cocoa has other qualities that can decrease your risk of stroke and heart attack (20, 21, 1).

High flavanol-contained cocoa may normally improve the level of nitric oxide in our blood, which easily relaxes and dilate your blood vessels and arteries and significantly improves blood flow (18, 20).

In addition to this, cocoa has been detected to reduction bad or LDL cholesterol, have blood-thinning impact identical to aspirin, decrease inflammation, and improve blood sugar (18, 21, 22).

For example, a meta-analysis of nine studies with 157809 participants concluded that high consumption of chocolate linked with fewer risk of stroke, death, and heart diseases (23).

Where two Swedish studies demonstrated that chocolate consumption is associated with a less rate of heart failure at doses of up to one serving of 19–30 grams of chocolate every day, But a different point of these studies, this effect was not observed at higher quantities (24, 25).

These results designate that continued intake of fewer amounts of cocoa-plenty chocolate can have protective advantages for your heart.

  • Flavanols Can ameliorate Symptoms of Type-2 Diabetes

Although the more-intake of chocolate is clearly not better for blood sugar control still, has significant positive antidiabetic efficacy.

Where some test-tube studies hint that flavanols-rich cocoa may slow down absorption in the gut and carbohydrate digestion, improve insulin secretion, decrease inflammation, and provocative the uptake of sugar out of the blood into the muscle (26).

Few studies have pointed out that a supreme intake of flavanols, comprising those from cocoa, may result in a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes (26, 27).

After all, a review of human studies demonstrated that eating dark chocolate rich in flavanol or cocoa may help improve blood sugar control, decrease insulin sensitivity, and lower inflammation in nondiabetic and diabetic people (26).

Along with these surprising results, there are many incompatibilities in the research with few studies detecting only a confined effect, the gradually worse control of diabetes, or without efficacy at all (26, 28, 29).

Although these results combined with the more solid right impacts on heart health indicate polyphenols rich cocoa can have a positive effect on both controlling and preventing diabetes. nonetheless, some more research required.

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  • theophylline and theobromine can profitable in asthma

Asthma is a chronic phlogistic disease that can usually cause inflammation of the airways and obstruction and may be a potentially life-threatening hazard(30, 31).

It’s potentially thought that cocoa can be profitable for those people who have already asthma disease, because cocoa contains antiasthmatic compounds, like theophylline and theobromine.

Due to theobromine is equal to caffeine and can help to control consecutive coughing. Cocoa powder contains around 3.75 ounces of this compound or 1.9 grams per 100 grams (30, 31,32).

Where theophylline helps your airways relax, decreases inflammation and your lungs dilate (31).

After this, animal studies demonstrated that cocoa extract may decrease both tissue thickness and the constriction of the airways (30).

Although, all these conclusions have not yet been medicinally tested on humans, and it’s not clear if cocoa is secure to utilization as anti-asthmatic medicines.

In a single line summary currently cocoa shows anti-asthma efficacy in animal studies but no human trials completed on cocoa for asthma
Therefore it cannot be decided whether cocoa can be taken as an asthma medicine or not.

  • Immune-Stimulation and Antibacterial Qualities of Cocoa Can Benefit Your Skin and Teeth

Many studies have determined the positive impacts of cocoa against gum disease and dental cavities.

Cocoa contains several compounds that have anti-enzymatic, immune-stimulating, and antibacterial properties that can play a positive role in its oral health effects.

For example, in one study where infected rats with oral bacteria were given cocoa extract had an important decrease in dental cavities, compared to rats given only water (18).

Despite this, there are no sufficient human studies, and the majority of humans consume those cocoa products which already contain high sugar.

as a positive result, more products will be required to develop experience the oral health advantages of cocoa.

After this, some study shows the long-term ingestion of cocoa has been found to skin blood circulation, improve the surface texture, and contribute to sun protection and hydration of your skin (33, 34, 35).

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Now you know what are the amazing and possible health benefits from cocoa powder and their advantages in different health conditions.