health benefits of baking soda
Health benefits of baking soda

31 health benefits of baking soda : Healthbenefitblog

what are the health benefits of baking soda

Baking soda is one of the cheapest natural remedies out there but what are the health benefits what is good for

in this article we go over ten best baking soda healthy uses and how you can take advantage of this one home remedy.

baking soda can be used for just about anything at home it’s a great tool for cleaning and removing stains but there are also many health benefits associated with the use of baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate is highly used in baking. this is because whenever the baking soda is added to the food item the thing inflates

because when it is heated, carbon dioxide gas comes out of it which inflates the food.

sodium bicarbonate can be used as a supplement because it provides dietary bicarbonate which is the substance produced by our kidneys and access of blood ph buffer actually

but I will talk about ten health benefits of baking soda and uses.

health benefits of baking soda
Health benefits of baking soda

Health benefits of baking soda :

  • help with digestive issues

Baking soda can be used neutralized acid in our stomach and is a popular method for treating digestive problems like heartburn and acid indigestion and upset stomach.

Infect your pancreas naturally produces sodium bicarbonate to protect your intestines from your stomach acid and quickly neutralize the stomach acid in temporary release symptoms of acid reflux

but because is the sudden decrease in stomach acidity can cause acid rebound and your symptoms of the acid reflex may return even worse than before

so be sure to use a small amount of sodium bicarbonate if you have this problem.

  • boosts kidney health

Research reveals that baking soda use promotes kidney health,

A clinical study published in the journal of the American Society of nephrology study the effects of sodium bicarbonate in one hundred thirty-four patients with chronic kidney disease,

so what did they find patients that supplement with sodium bicarbonate tolerated it well and were less like to experience rapid prevent progression of the kidney disease

and double this less amount of patients developed and stage renal disease compared to the control group this is incredible actually. (1)

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  • whiteness your teeth

To keep your teeth looking pearly white create your own paste with a teaspoon of baking soda and water,

once a week you can rub that toothpaste you made and let it sit for five minutes and then wash your mouth.

this is a great way to keep your teeth white and kill off bacteria without any harsh and traceable chemicals.

  • kills off harmful bacteria

Our mouth is full with good and harmful bacteria and we don’t even notice these, some of these bacteria can cause tooth decay and even disease.

Baking soda has been shown to kill off bad bacteria including streptococcus mutants which is the type of bacteria associated with tooth decay,

so I suggest having a bottle of water of sodium bicarbonate every day in your bathroom and this way you can wash your mouth after washing your teeth.

  • kills off fungi

Baking soda is one of the most effective agents that suggest fungi it’s so effective it can kill three groups that are responsible for skin and nail infections these are ease dramatic fights and molds.

if you’re in the need of treatment simply put a little bit of water and bicarbonate and put it in your nails and skin infections

and let it sit for a couple of hours every day you see how great progress you make with that.

  • help with exercises

a scientific article published in twenty thirteen points out that studies have been demonstrating the taking sodium bicarbonate before exercise also known as bicarbonate loading may have a moderate deposit affect on a fluidic performance. (2)

In other words, our bodies more capable of dealing with strenuous exercise for a longer period of time

and you see during high-intensity workouts our body releases chemicals into muscle tissues like lactic and hydrogen ion and sodium bicarbonate buffers these chemicals

and helps the body maintain a balance in ph making exercise more tolerable.

  • a face exfoliator

baking soda can remove dry skin from your face and acts as an exfoliator,

you can do this by combining one teaspoon of baking soda with a half cup of water and rub it on your face in a circular motion and rinse it after works.

using baking soda for your face exfoliation is an inexpensive way to refine your skin.

but I suggest not doing this too frequently because it can actually alter PH balance of your skin.

  • skin irritation relief

sodium bicarbonate can be used to help reduce discomfort from sunburn, allergic rashes, and skin affected by poison iv.

you can mix a teaspoon with a small amount of water again to create baking soda paste and apply on the areas experiencing itchiness

and you can leave it for five minutes and then rinse it you can do this several times a day as needed.

  • feet and hand suther

Baking soda has been used for decades to soothe the skin in your hands and feet if you have one of those people who have thick and harsh skin in your hands and feet.

I suggest you pour some baking soda on to the recipient of water and use it mixing it well and using it on your skin you can suck your hands and feet for about twenty to thirty minutes every day

and you can quickly see how this can become suther and healthier each day.

  • cancer prevention

when you have a body ph imbalance, unhealthy organisms are able to flourish which damages your tissues and organs and compromise the immune system.

Baking soda is known to increase the PH of your acidic tumors without affecting the ph balance of your healthy tissues in your body.

scientific research has demonstrated that all doses of sodium bicarbonate can raise tumor ph and inhibit spontaneous meta assets of specifically breast cancer. (3)

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New according to a beautician, an easy-to-use baking soda in every home helps in maintaining beauty from head to toe.

It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that make many beauty problems do away.

  • Remove nail pimples

Baking soda a great way to get rid of nail pimples, besides eliminating nail pimples, it helps in keeping the skin’s PH level balanced.

Make a paste by mixing two teaspoons of water in one teaspoon of baking soda and apply this paste on the nail pimples for two minutes and wash it with plain water,

working this three to four times a day for a week provides relief in nail pimples.

You can also apply a mask of baking soda on the face to remove pimples, To make this face mask,

make a smooth paste by mixing two teaspoons baking soda, two teaspoons of orange juice and one teaspoon of lemon juice,

apply this mask on face for ten minutes and after that wash it with plain water, working this twice a week removes pimples.

  • remove dead skin

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda, half a cup of water and two spoons of wheat powder, take this mask paste in your clean hands and apply it well on the face for five minutes, then washed with plain water.

It acts like an exfoliate which helps the face Removes dirt and dead skin.

  • beneficial in Sunburn, itching, and burning

For this Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a mug of normal water while taking a bath, dabble a cotton ball in this water, and wash the sunburned area slowly.

By doing this, you get instant relief in sunburn and it also relieves itching and burning.

  • clean the skin of the black elbow

Baking soda is also very helpful in removing the blackness of the elbow, it removes the pigmentation around the elbows.

Take one tablespoon of milk and mix it with one tablespoon of baking soda,

apply this on the elbows black area and rub it in a circular motion for two to three minutes, then wash it, this clears the skin of black elbow.

  • Natural hand softener

Mix half a teaspoon ground sugar, one teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon olive oil among themselves, rub this paste well on your hands

And after keeping it for 10 minutes, wash hands with plain water, by doing this daily for fifteen to twenty days before going to bed at night, now the hand Hardness becomes convert into softness.

  • Baking soda calms stomach irritation

Many times it starts burning in the stomach, sometimes it comes from the upper part of the stomach to the throat,

this burning sensation occurs due to many reasons such as overeating, eating fried or spicy food and or being under stress.

Baking soda cures this burning sensation of the stomach because when the baking soda is eaten it neutralizes the stomach acid due to which the stomach irritation calms down.

therefore when you feel burning in your stomach, Mix one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of cold water and drink this mixture slowly and it will calm your stomach irritation immediately.

  • Mouthwash

Baking soda also acts as a mouthwash, Baking soda kills your mouth bacteria and removes smell from the mouth.

This is because soda of carbonate has antibacterial properties. Baking soda creates an alkaline environment in your mouth that does not cause bacteria inside the mouth.

To use baking soda as a mouth wash, add half a teaspoon of baking soda to half a glass of lukewarm water and mix,

Your mouth wash is ready, use it as a normal mouthwash.

It is very important to utilization a mouthwash to care for your mouth, mouth wash reaches back to the places inside the mouth where the normal brush cannot reach.

All the bad germs inside the mouth die due to mouth wash, Due to which there are no dental diseases and no gum diseases.

  • Baking soda cure mouth ulcers

If you have a sore mouth So mouthwash with baking soda water cure mouth blisters, Until the sore healed mouthwash with baking soda once a day in case of blisters.

all above are the health benefits of baking soda but here are some more benefits of baking soda :

  • Baking soda also acts like deodorant

Human sweat does not stinks, the smell is produced when it is broken by bacteria and it turns into acidic waste,

baking soda makes this acidic waste less acidic, which removes the smell of sweat.

If you apply baking soda like powder on top of your sides, you will see that you will not smell of sweat.

  • Baking soda fixes bee bites

Baking soda can cure itching or pain that occurs due to insect bites, or problems by other causes.

Add baking soda to some warm water and wash the place where insects have bitten or you can make a thick paste by adding a little Lukewarm water to the baking soda and apply this paste on top of the insect bite area.

  • treats foot ulcers and chapped ankles

If the blisters on the feet or the ankles rupture, then immerse the feet in baking soda water,

it cures the blisters and the cracked ankles also become moist and then slowly heal later.

  • Baking soda removes freeze smell

Many times the smell starts coming from inside the fridge, sometimes some food gets spoiled inside or sometimes it is delayed in cleaning.

Even after cleaning the freeze several times, this smell does not go away.

To remove this odor from the freeze, clean the fridge with baking soda water and then put soda of carbonate in a bowl

and put it in the backside of the fridge, this will remove the smell coming from your fridge.

  • functions as an air freshener

Usually, the air fresheners we use do not eliminate the bad smell, Rather it spreads good fragrance so that we do not smell bad.

But baking soda does not spread its fragrance, rather it eliminates the bad smell particles which stop smelling.

Second, the air fresheners that we use from the market are not fully written about which chemicals are added to them,

many of them are those which are harmful to health, so baking soda Can be used very well as a replacement for air fresheners

To make a baking soda air freshener, take a small pot, add one to three cups of baking soda to this pot, add ten to fifteen drops of aromatic oil to it,

Now tie the cloth over it and place it in one corner of the room just your air freshener ready and it will start doing its work immediately.

When the aroma of aromatic oil stops, shake the pot a little and the fragrance will start coming again.

  • Baking soda can also clean your kitchen

It is a good kitchen cleaner, it not only removes old stubborn frozen stains but also eliminates bad odor.

To clean the kitchen with a soda of bicarbonate, prepare a paste by adding a little water to the baking soda.

Then apply this paste with the help of a sponge or with the help of cloth in a dirty spot

where you desire to clear and then rub it nicely, the place will be cleaned very well.

With baking soda, you can clean the gas stove, clean the oven, clean the kitchen granite stone, clean the kitchen tiles

If there is the grease of oil somewhere, then you can also clean those utensils with baking soda.

  • Eliminates the smell of dustbin

A dustbin is very dirty so it smells all the time, it will stink from whichever corner you place it in the house.

To remove this odor, sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom of the dustbin,

this will eliminate the smell coming from the dustbin by seventy percent and whenever you wash the dustbin, you must wash it with baking soda water.

  • good bathroom cleaner too

It is difficult to clean the kitchen, in the same way, has also problematic to clean the bathroom, there are many spots in the bathroom which are very difficult to clean.

There are many bathroom cleaners available in the market but they contain a lot of harmful chemicals but baking soda naturally cleanses your bathroom.

You can clean the toilet seat with baking soda, clean the washbasin, clean the shower, and clean the faucet.

Make a paste by adding a little water to the baking soda and rub it over the place with the help of a sponge or cloth to clean the place

After that leave it for fifteen minutes and then clean it after washing it with water.

If you are fresh the bathroom with sodium bicarbonate then the bathroom will not smell bad.

  • cleans fruits and vegetables

This is a tremendous benefit of this, there are many chemicals on fruits and vegetables,

which are noxious to health, furthermore washing with water does not remove it from the chemical.

the first way to remove chemicals to peel then eat vegetables and fruits, but by peeling off many nutrients are also destroyed.

But the second way to remove these chemicals is to wash these fruits and vegetables with baking soda water,

Baking soda removes the chemical above the fruits and vegetables by 100 percent this has been proved in research.

Soak fruits and vegetables in baking soda water for fifteen minutes before use, it will remove all the bad chemicals on them,

then you may wash these fruits and vegetables with plain water now can be used with peels.

  • may clean your silver jewelry

soda of carbonate may clean silver jewelry and makes it look like new, Take an aluminum pot in which you are cooking

Take one cup of boiling warm water, take a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate, and half a cup of white vinegar.

First, put the baking soda in an aluminum pot, now pour the white vinegar slowly in it,

then pour hot boiling water and now put your silver jewelry in the middle which you want to clean,

in just thirty seconds all the dirt will come out on top of your silver jewelry and the jewel will be cleaned and become like new,

if a jewel has become too dirty, it may take up to one minute for it to be cleaned.

at the time when it added to a ready paste then it has a chemical reaction with the aluminum vessel and with baking soda because of which the jewel is cleaned.

  • Remove dirty smell coming from shoes

Clean as many shoes as you want but still it smells dirty. Tie one teaspoon of baking soda inside a cloth and make two different bundles in this way.

at that time when not using these shoes, then put this both bundle within your shoes, this will make the dirty smell of your shoes disappear.

Whenever you need to use shoes take out these bundles and use the shoes and after using whenever you keep the shoes open, put these bags back inside the shoes.

  • remove stains from clothes

When you wash your clothes in the washing machine, add a little soda of bicarbonate along with the detergent,

this will clean your clothes very easily because the baking soda softens the water, which makes washing better.

  • Kills useless grass easily

If there is unusable grass in someplace in your house that is difficult to uproot, such as in the middle of the wall or in the middle of the tiles,

then you put baking soda on the grass then it will dry the grass permanently

But do not put baking soda in a place where you have grown plants for yourself because by doing this it will kill those plants also.

FAQ related to the health benefits of baking soda :

how to clean your teeth with baking soda

If you have dark yellow spots on your teeth, you can make your teeth white by using baking soda,

the plaque on the teeth that becomes stained or has dark yellow stains, these spots become bonding with the teeth, Baking soda breaks this bond. (4)

It removes stains from the top of teeth and clean teeth become completely white,

but it will not just by applying soda of baking twice a day, you have to use it continuously, slowly you start to see the difference.

blend two teaspoons of normal clean water with one spoon of clean soda paste with this and Brush it two to three times a week.