Health benefits of collagen
Health benefits of collagen

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Health Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

there are many amazing health benefits of collagen supplements not only for skin, nails but also for your liver and leaky gut syndrome.

Collagen is the amplest protein in our bodies and it’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels and the entire body.

in simple terms, it’s the glue that helps hold the body together.

Especially type one collagen it’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system, and even tendons,

and it’s would help give your skin strength and elasticity and it also replaced the dead skin.

its use greatly for beauty and this is why I mentioned this in simple terms it’s the glue that helps hold the body together.

in this article, we go over eight collagen health benefits and ways you can use it to benefit from it one hundred percent.

so what are eight proven health benefits of collagen?

Health benefits of collagen
Health benefits of collagen

health benefits of collagen :

  • improves skin and hair

as we age you know collagen production to climbs tapping and you notice it physically with looser skin, more wrinkles, and less elasticity,

and taking collagen supplements can help your skin look smoother, healthier and helps your skin cells renew and repair constantly.

collagen also reduce cellulite and stretch marks and when skin loses its elasticity as a result of decreased collagen production,

so like it becomes more evident in collagen help reduce that depending on your skin and improve elasticity,

and several double-blind experiments that investigated anti-aging properties of collagen,

founded that five grams of collagen in a day in women actually for eight weeks significantly improves skin elasticity,

skin moisture or waterless dryness of the skin and roughness and with little to no side effects,

this makes collagen the best natural skin-care ingredients available at your market.

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  • reduces joint pain and degeneration

have you ever feel your legs extra stiff and causing pain when you move well that’s it,

and what are the causes for this is collagen loss or our tendon ligaments start moving with less ease and ingesting collagen every day actually like putting Greece into a creaky door,

after these it helped your joint repair, to move more easily, reduces pain which is often associated with aging,

and even reduces the risk of joint degeneration and researchers at Harvard found that supplementing with type two collagen help patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis relieve their pain and they’re painful symptoms altogether.

another study published in the international journal of medicine the united states,

founded people with Austria arthritis and joint pain treated with type two collagen show a significant increase in daily activities like walking up the stairs and general improvement in the quality of life.

  • protects your cardiovascular system

In health incredibly enough low collagen production and consumption is linked to arthritis sclerosis,

and which is the leading hardening of disease in arteries and this amino acid called proline which is a building block of collagen helps your arteries walls release the build-up and moving into the bloodstream minimize in the accumulation in the arteries,

and proline is needed for tissue repair within joints and arteries and plus helps control blood sugar.

as a part of collagen founded in our joint, it helps relieve the shock, vibration, and degeneration of your joint in that area,

in another component in collagen called arginine also helps with nitric oxide production which allows for better vessel dilation meaning the widening in your arteries and relaxation of muscle cells and blood vessels.

  • boosts your metabolism and muscle mass growth

In collagen as well supplementation gets help to increase your metabolism,

one of your glycine most important roles which are found in collagen is helping form muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy

and remember that retaining muscle mass is crucial as we age this helps supports posture, bone health and burns more calories and fat.

just the effect about consuming collagen you can benefit from consuming vitamin c together with collagen to ensure that your body converts collagen into a useable protein

and research has also shown that glycine play as vital roles in the body in our digestive

and nervous system which played an important role in maintaining a healthy Youth in our bodies.

  • strength your nails hair and teeth

in these health benefits, something that many people love to hear and the lack of collagen greatly damages your nails, hair and, teeth.

collagen is the building block of your fingernails, your hair and your teeth and adding collagen into your diet regimen can help keep those nails stronger and possibly even reverse signs of hair loss.

According to a study published in the journal of investigative dermatology found that this essential relationship between an exercise of matrix and hair fall goes regeneration suggested collagen could be a potential therapeutic agent for hair loss and other skin related diseases.

  • helps heal leaky gut syndrome

if you suffer from leaky gut syndrome this is a condition when toxins are eligible to pass through your digestive tract into your bloodstream

and collagen helps break down proteins and Soos your gut lining.

it heals damage cell walls in your intestines and the biggest digestive benefit of consuming more collagen is

that it helps form connected tissue and therefore seals and heels the protective lining of your gastrointestinal tract.

today we know that many illnesses can be traced back to inflammation or irritation that comes from an unhealthy gut and these include changes in your gut microbiome or probability of your gut lining.

Many studies have found that patients that are supplement with college can help treat gastrointestinal symptoms

and disorders like for example irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflex cause disease, and ulcerative colitis.

  • collagen can help your liver detox

liver one of the most important detoxifying organs in the body and taking collagen can help your liver detox

and free itself your body from harmful substances and improving blood flow and keeping your heart young and healthy.

this is due to glycine again an ability to minimize liver damage when it comes to observing for inception,

and toxins like alcohol that should be there and causing those problems,

taking collagen that contains glycine help reduce alcohol-induced liver damage and other forms of acute chronic liver injury.

  • brain and Alzheimer’s protection

In one study collagen and type four protecting the brain against Pamela Lloyd beta proteins and which is the protein that belief to be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease

and what happens this Pamela Lloyd protein clubs together forming a plaque which is commonly found in Alzheimer’s patient,

And by increasing your collagen intake, you can create a protective cape to your brain helping combat this protein that attacks neurons in Alzheimer’s disease.

after above you read all the health benefits from collagen, now we clarify,

what are the best food sources of collagen?

have you ever wonder what the best sources for collagen are or how about the best foods that can boost your own collagen production.

now I wanna talk about the best collagen food sources

and best foods that will boost your own collagen production but where can we find it.

  1. The best collagen food sources :
  • fish collagen

fish collagen is known to be the best collagen out there, fish collagen is known to have the best absorption and by availability,

basically, because it comes in smaller particles that make it easier for a body to absorb,

this type of colleges is absorbing up to one point five times more efficiently into our body than other colleges

and as a superior by availability than other poor seen colleges,

since it’s better absorbed and enter the bloodstream more easily and quickly,

it’s considered to be the best collagen source for medicinal purposes

and do you know where we can find and fish collagen well it usually extracted from scales, skin, and bones of fresh or saltwater fish

which is then used to create collagen supplements so if you want to prepare your own fish collagen source I suggest you boil down bones of any fish you can cook at home

and drink it as a delicious prepared soup or as part of your dinner you won’t regret it.

  • chicken collagen

belive or not chicken collagen is incredibly useful in medicine, this type of protein is used to treat many health conditions

including for example osteoarthritis, arthritis, back or neck pain and even pain caused by surgery,

you see chicken collagen works in the body by producing substances that can find off inflammation and pain,

but the best part to it is that a contains two very important compounds in cartilage regeneration, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

chondroitin and glucosamine are two supplements that are sold at a very pricey level to reduce joint pain arthritis and inflammation

so what I suggest you do as use of that chicken breast cartilage to make yourself a delicious soup once in a while.

you don’t know how much difference this can make,

chicken collagen consumed in this manner can provide some amazing benefits in your gut lining, immune system, skin and much more.

  • eggs

other major sources of collagen are eggs and by the way, if you absorb closely,

eggs have inner and our membrane between the egg show and egg whites

and these two transfer a protein membrane does provide an efficient defense mechanism against the bacterial invasion of the eggs.

the two types of collagen found in the membrane are similar to type one

and type five collagen but collagen is also found in the egg yolk so you can eat all around.

type one collagen is found all over the body and it’s a very strong type of collagen that is the most abundant in our organisms,

we can find type one colleges in scar tissue, for example, skin, tendons, arteries walls, and bones.

  • Bovine collagen

Bovine collagen is also known as bovine cartilage or beef collagen or gelatin

and if you didn’t know this gelatin actually is a form of hydrolyzed beef collagen which means it’s essentially a part of broken-down collagen.

this is a naturally occurring protein found in Cartilage bones and hides of cows,

this kind of collagen is much similar to what we have in our body’s

and provides a healthy dose of type one and type three collagen.

least two types of collagen are the major components of most of our tissues in the body

such as skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones gums in mouth, teeth, eyes and finally, blood vessels.

incredibly enough type one and type three collagen are make up for more than ninety percent of the collagen of our body.

now did you know where we can find collagen,

let’s go and talk a few foods that will get your body in its own natural production of this compound.

2. The best food sources that will boost your collagen production :

1. citrus fruits

citrus fruits do not contain collagen but they do have is that contain high amounts of vitamin c,

vitamin c is an essential nutrient needed to produce collagen our bodies

and studies showing that people who are deficient in vitamin c are also deficient collagen production.

another very important detail to consider is a vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant that prevents collagen degeneration

which in turn contribute to helping maintain the already existing collagen in our bodies,

if at any point in time you choose to buy a collagen supplement I suggest you look for a source

that contains vitamin c in it this is very important.

2. sulfur-containing foods

so what are the sulfur-containing foods out some examples of these foods are

for example garlic, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

suffer in the same way is vitamin c is an essential nutrient for collagen production

let’s take for garlic this also provides lipoic acid and which is assisting repairing damaged collagen fiber in the body.

3. Egg whites

Egg whites are very rich in amino acids such as glycine and proline, which are the main components of collagen,

by eating egg white you will give your body amino acid necessary to build that collagen up.

4. Carrots

Carrots are very important in collagen production because they are very high also in vitamin a,

two thousand twelve studies discover the vitamin a contains cell regulators that directly act on the metabolism of collagen

by stimulating the production of elastic fibers and collagen,

and other foods you can consume that are high in vitamin a that will get your collagen production are dark leafy, green vegetables for example dried apricots and bell peppers.