health benefits of avocado
health benefits of avocado

health benefits of avocado – health benefit blog

what are the health benefits of avocado

due to the health benefits of avocado, it is becoming an incredibly popular past couple of years this food is taking the place of one of those healthiest foods on the earth

in addition to being delicious, this fruit contains several nutritions that include fiber, healthy fats, potassium, and vitamin k,

all of which keeps your heart healthy boosts weight loss and keep that digestive tract running smoothly

avocados are stared to be recognized as one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet,

this fruit has become incredibly popular in the last some of the years and the fact is there are more than enough reasons for this to happen.

avocados are among the most nutritious foods on the planet it contains more than three vitamins and minerals that promote your health

and more ways in which you can imagine this fruit has been discovered to be excellent for heart health, diabetes, weight loss, mood digestive health, and much more.

so in this article, I am gonna reveal ten avocado health benefits and why you should eat them on a daily basis

health benefits of avocado
health benefits of avocado

Health benefits of avocado :

there are among the health benefits from avocado-based on science

  • avocados are incredibly nutritious

I must say that this fruit incredibly nutritious it packed with a great number of Nutrition it a truly precious gem.

just have a good idea of what a single piece of avocado contains this fruit contains protein, fat fiber, and tons of vitamins,

that include for example vitamin k, folic, vitamin c, vitamin b six, pantothenic acid vitamin e, niacin, and vitamin a,

minerals that include potassium magnesium manganese and others like phosphorus, copper, zinc, calcium, selenium, and even iron.

it’s enough already avocado also contains omega-three fatty acid, omega-six fatty acid, and Choline, now my question is what more can you ask for, this already has tons of nutrients.

  • it supports your eyesight, hair and skin health

this fruit rich in fat-soluble vitamins and monosaturated fats which needed by the body to help your skin glow, obtain brighter eyesight, and even shine your hair,

avocados are high in antioxidants like gluten which is a type of carotenoids that protects the eye health, at the same time preserve a healthy useful looking skin and hair.

carotenoids a group of antioxidants found in veggies and include carrots squash and sweet potatoes

these substances are known for blocking the effects of environmental toxins that come in the pollution and the UV light damage.

researchers also discovered these substances can provide important health benefits with regards to disease prevention, especially certain types of skin cancers and eye disorders.

a very practical way to use avocados is by applying that avocado peel on your skin and using their oils primary moisturizer,

another very effective way to use it by mixing natural oils like tea tree oil with avocado to use it as a lotion, this so very useful to rejuvenate your skin, your hair and even moisturize the shine of your body.

read also health benefits of citrus fruit for your good skin, hair, and eye.

  • fights cancer cell growth

several new scientific studies published recently confirmed that avocados needed as a cancer-fighting food,

they claim that these fighter chemicals in avocados are very powerful than in the experiments they kill off all cancer cell,

this infect the impacted science so much the researchers from Ohio state university have taken three one step further to figure out exactly how this phenomenon is happening,

he discovered that fighter chemicals extracted from the avocado fruit helping do cell rest inhibit the growth and even promote cancer cell death.

now another a very important reason why avocados become so popular is due to the fatty acid content,

These types of fat have been shown to offer better protection against chronic diseases

like diabetes and cancer because they can lower inflammation.

one very powerful compound in found avocados called beta-sitosterol

which highly protected the process and the immune function and lowers the risk of cancer.

  • Avacado promote weight loss

some people think that avocados make you gain weight due to there high-fat content,

but reveals something new in case you didn’t know this already a healthy fat does not make you gain weight.

it can actually make you lose weight, healthy fats are super feeling in increase the society hormones in the body did help you eat less overall,

its fatty acid also allows you to go longer between meals without getting hungry

this helps prevent overeating, snacking, and even sugar addictions.

if you don’t believe me do an experiment and try eating a salad for lunch

let’s see how much time you can go without getting hungry again,

by myself not I can become hungry right after eating.

a body needs a healthy protein and fat to function,

eating them is a simple way to kill those cravings and otherwise would be impossible to stop,

to prove this researcher conducted a study in two thousand five

where they found that the consumption to thirty grams of avocado fat results in a significant weight loss.

in addition to other health improvements in these participants,

the measurements of this experiment included body mass, total body mass index, body fat,

and incredibly all this please add this decreased significantly in every participant,

so now you know avocados can also be used to help with weight loss.

flaxseed also good according to a journal of nutritions read also health benefits of flaxseed for support weight loss.

  • improve digestive health

if you remember I mentioned at the beginning of this article avocados are one of the best fruits sources for fiber

depending on the size of the avocado, one whole food contains between eleven to seventeen grams of fiber

which is more than any other food and most vegetables, greens, and beans.

high fiber foods are very important with digestive issues,

fiber helps regulate a healthy bacteria inside your intestines

which by the way is the root cause of many digestive disorders.

apart from fiber, the fat found avocados also essential for digestion and nutrients absorption

because the nerves that lining of your gut, in case you notice already a low-fat diet can result in constipation or symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome,

which is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract include,

for example, is characterized by abdominal pain and changes in bowel habits.

so now you know healthy fats and fiber show to be part of your diet and avocados can really help.

  • improves heart health

Avocado especially avocado oil known to promote heart health,

back in day decades, you should dementias all types of fat,

terminate fat was the one responsible for accelerating heart disease.

several decades have gone by now we know that low-density cholesterol one responsible for building that plaque buildup in the arteries.

infects several types of healthy fat that have been shown to reduce cholesterol is responsible for heart disease

and avocado conation many of these healthy fats.

to prove this a well recognize study in Mexico administered in the avocado rich diet to both healthy and unhealthy people with high cholesterol

and just after one-week researchers absorbed that the diet we’re having dropped cholesterol levels

by seventeen to twenty-two percent in these people which is enough lot.

  • avocado protects against diabetes and insulin resistance

diabetes are diseases a pandemic portion, millions of peoples around the world become addicted to sugar

causing in the long run insulin resistance and diseases like diabetes.

according to multiple studies avocados can need to improve fasting insulin levels and the resistance to insulin in diabetic patients,

diets of this rich in fiber, healthy fats, chromium, and other minerals are excellent for health.

this helps regulates blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity regulates your blood glucose, prevents obesity,

and even oxidative damage to your cells and all these benefits can be found in avocados.

  • avocados can boost your mood

as we said before fatty acid found in avocado playing a very important role in regulating many of your nervous system functions and cognitive process.

this substance impacts our neurotransmitter levels and helps balance hormones naturally in the body.

avocados can help regulate your mood to improve your state of mind when you eat them,

this means you can add mental stability just by eating avocados are adding them to your diet.

  • avocado may manage bone health

in half of the avocado fruit, you get around 25 % of the daily recommended amount of vitamin k,

many people do not know about this

but the vitamin k which found in avocado necessary for your bone health.

Vitamin K mostly overshadowed by calcium and vitamin D when considering nutrients important for managing healthy bones,

however, taking a diet with ample vitamin K may support bone health

by raising calcium absorption and decrease urinary excretion of calcium.

  • avocado may detox the body

due to a sufficient amount of fiber present in avocado, it may regular your proper bowel movement,

which is very important to the everyday defecation of toxins through the bile and stool.

Recently many studies show that dietary fiber present in avocado

also plays a vital role in regulating the immune system effectively.