Health benefits of bay leaves and tea for heart, skin, cancer, hair & diabetes

health benefits of bay leaves
health benefits of bay leaves

Due to the health benefits of bay leaves, our sages have made provision to use many herbs in addition to bay leaves with food for our welfare since ancient times.

Due to this, all of us in our country involuntarily adopt those Ayurvedic substances with an integrality in life.

The variation is that in antiquated times we used it to consume the advantages of bay leaves by making it a part of the food to increase its medicinal properties,

But now today we only use them to increase the taste of food.

Previously, due to the health benefits of bay leaf, we were free from diseases by using it as medicine and avoid various diseases.

relieves diseases like- heart, respiratory, diabetes, bad cholesterol, indigestion, infections, sleep, aging, wrinkles, acne, itchy hair, dry hair and flaky skin in hair.

On the contrary, by consuming too much bay leaves in the form of spices, we are becoming diseased in many ways by consuming more.

Everyone is familiar with bay leaves in terms of the ingredient, in the recipe that’s really great, often you can see in the Indian and other country dishes to have a wonderful aroma and it just makes really dish tastes a lot better.

You can buy the bay leaf powder and add it to the dishes and the bay leaf essential oil which is widely used in aromatherapy.

There are various leaf called bay leaves but the ones that come from laurel trees have the most health benefits.

so let’s see what health benefits we can get from editing bay leaves to our diet getting bay leaves essential oil.

We now explain the health benefits of the bay leaf

here is the explained infographic of bay leaves:

info graphic of Health benefits of bay leaves
infographic of Health benefits of bay leaves

health benefits of bay leaves :


  • To preventing and managing diabetes

Another bay leaves health benefit is that it helps people suffering from diabetes, the main thing is that it helps to reduce blood sugar and govern blood sugar levels.

this way works it encourages the slower break down on the foods and not as many sugars are releasing into the bloodstream and then there is no so much need to release the insulin into the body.

Does bay leave lower blood sugar?
the study of that shown adding all ground bay leaves into your diet I mean taking it twice a day can reduce your blood sugar.

Of course, you need to always consult with your doctor never stop taking any medication so this is from the natural medicinal there.

But the studies show that really help which is not only good for managing diabetes it is also and wonderful remedy for preventing one and controlling patient blood sugar levels.

  • reduce the anxiety, stress and other mental health conditions

The next health benefits are that it can help to decrease anxiety, tension, and other mental health conditions.

In this case, you would benefit from using it form essentials oils healing like aromatherapy, for some extra benefits, you might also even combination the bay leaves with some basil in fine pis.

what is the way by the helps bay leaves to convert the stress, the thing is that it contains a component called linalool and it has shown the ability to lower the number of tension hormones in the body.

Because when you’re stress hormones are out of balance you will feel anxious and stressed, in turn, raises your blood pressure and has a very impact on your heart.

Again you would benefit the most from the aromatherapy, but adding it to the diet will also have positive results.

  • potent against breast cancer

The next health benefits which I think is great news because of the study proven that it might be a great natural remedy for treating cancer.

After the evaluation of the bay leaf extract too that both leaves and the plant could be potent against breast cancer so it makes a bay leaf possible natural cancer treatment options.

  • beneficial in the Colorectal cancer

There also another study has completed and published it might also be beneficial for Colorectal cancer.

In which studies have been conducted, using the extract of the bay leaves against colon cancer cell growth.

By using the process of just adding bay leaves into your food because of potential you know colon cancer regulating food it has this property.

it can protect against the early stages the Colorectal cancer, I think this is really great because I am sure that the world needs a lot more natural remedies that might help you with cancer.

Especially something that you might be including to your life and the diet that might work as the prevention of cancer.

  • really helps with digestion

One of the greatest health benefits it really helps with digestion, it really helps you if you suffering from gas, bloating, you could add it to your dishes that are cooking.

Bay leaves acting as a diuretic and it means that it helps the body to remove the toxins effectively, increases the urination decreases the number of toxins in your body.

all the health benefits I am talking about here they’re all having proven by the study and According to Ayurveda.

Studies see that the compounds in a bay leave that really helps to ease the upset stomach and reduce the feeling of gas.

People suffering from chronic disease IVF and even Celiac disease, benefit from adding dishes with the bay leaf if you could cook with bay leaf you got the benefit from bay leaf essential oil.

Really says that one of the most important benefits because, in my opinion, the property digestion makes the whole body healthy.

  • remove itchy, dry, flaky and dandruff hair

It may really help you if you prepare recipes by bay leaves, you can apply topically on your hair you could prepare shampoo with a bay leaf essential oils, you could also even prepared set of tea with bay leaves.

Remove itchy and dandruff from hair

Using bay leaves on men and women hair may be really profitable if you suffering from itchy, dandruff, dry, flakes, on hair and you have an itchy scalp.

Then you might gargle your hair after clean your hair with shampoo it with the set of bay leaf mixture.

get Beautiful, black and thick hair

If you put some trailing Eclipta inside the bay leaves and boil them and apply them to your hair, then you will see that your hair will also become very beautiful, black and thick, it is very good medicine for your hair.

  • prevent the wrinkles and acne from the skin

You add the essential oils to your bath if you are suffering from dry skin it will definitely come up with more than one.

Utilize bay leaves if you want to prevent the acne and if you are suffering from wrinkles, bay leaf might really help you that as well.

if you have the problem of acne and wrinkles you can also read honey with milk benefits for the skin.

  • shortening bad cholesterol

Bay leaves decrease the bad cholesterol, it contains the folic acid so by decreasing this cholesterol it actually protecting your heart.

The thing is that here rather than increasing the good cholesterol in the patient’s body, help to reduce the bad cholesterol and this is actually the major problem for the arteries and any possible heart disease that we have.

Because good cholesterol acts like a spectacular it cleans your arteries but the bad cholesterol really acts as a glue, it makes sure that all the blood doesn’t go smoothly and that why might have clots and various other diseases.

  • helpful in healing wounds

If you have any open wounds and just any wounds it is very helpful.

The study also shows that when you apply bay leaves that really help to reduce the bacteria, it also helps to increase the speed at which the bones are healing.

  • Good for your heart health

It really has to strengthen Capillary walls because it contains protein and it’s of course not only good for the radicals veins but also good for your heart health.

Because it strengthens the heart Capillary walls they also separate the muscle that keeps your blood pumping and other free benefits indicate that’s also good for your heart health.

  • remove respiratory problems

The next health benefit of bay leaves is that it really helps with respiratory problems well.

Breathing problems of a different kind to be linked to the overactive immune system to viruses bacteria inflammation and even fluid in your respiratory system.

So that it indicates that bay leaves can really help to relieve the symptoms of respiratory disease and problems.

Even in diseases like asthma and breath, if you mix a little amount of Glycyrrhiza glabra roots and a little amount of Ficus religiosa inside the bay leaves if you make a decoction(tea) by drinking it, then you will get relief in the terrible phlegm.

For this, you have to boil five grams of bay leaves, two grams of Glycyrrhiza glabra roots and one gram of Ficus religiosa or Dried ginger, when it remains a quarter after boiling.

Then filter it and drink it, you will see that the problem of breathing, cough, and mucus will be solved.

  • Bay leaves improve the sleep( treat insomnia)

Bay leaves can help improve breathing overnight, this reason person does improving the sleep if you use it in the form of aromatherapy because you will be breathing like in healing by the essential oil.

you can also read the health benefits of walking every day to treat insomnia.

  • help to fight infection

They are also acting as natural antibiotics help to fight infections, because of its antioxidant content this would really help to overcome many chest infection.

You can prepare yourself and apply topically will really promote amazing results, if you breathing in healing the Veins make sure that it gets deep into your lungs clear out the infection.

  • prevents signs of aging

it also contains antioxidants, which are really good in aging, they’re fighting the free radicals, it also promotes the growth of the collagen and really prevents some signs of aging.

  • reduces the inflammation

bay leaves also help to reduce the inflammation in the body, eating bay leaves helps to reduce the fighting nutrient that helps to reduce the inflammation almost instantly.

Again you could add bay leaves to your diet use it in the aromatherapy but you can also use this oil to prepare yourself for topical treatment that might reduce the inflammation and arthritis.

  • bay leaves Prevent yeast growth

The next health benefit is that it can prevent yeast growth, it is really a very strong anti-fungal remedy if you suffering from Candida.

In this problem, fungi can easily grow in your digestive tract that may really cause many unhealthy discomforts, so if you are adding bay leaves to your diet it will help to leave this yeast growth problem.

  • Good natural medicine for cold and cough

Bay leaf a very good medicine for cold and cough, in addition to this, it is a major ingredient in the Ayurvedic tea we drink if cold and cough occur.

In these problems, you crush their two-three leaves and put one or two leaves of basil in it, then you boil and drink it.

After it is made, you will get a healthy, very divine and very good medicine.

This will give you benefit in cold cough, then the bay leaf is very beneficial for these problems.

Apart from this, by powdering its dried leaves for cough, Mixing honey and licking it in the morning and evening will still cure your cough, in this way, bay leaf powder is very good medicine for cough.

  • Get rid of headache caused by cold

Apart from this, make a decoction(tea) by boiling it and drinking it, which is a headache caused by cold, no matter what the headache is.

Drinking a decoction(tea) of its leaves will relieve your headache.

Apart from this, those who have a headache, grind their leaves and make a paste, and apply the paste on their forehead, it also provides complete relief in headache.

  • remove lice from hair

Bay leaf is also very good medicine for head lice, If you do not get fresh leaves, then you can make a decoction(tea) by crushing dry leaves.

For this, you have to boil about 25 grams of bay leaves in four hundred grams of water and when the water of the bay leaves remains about 100 grams after boiling in water.

Then after filtering that water, you can apply it to the hair roots and leave it for two to four hours, this bay leaves water will remove your hair lice.

  • reduce flatulence

Whose flatulence, put a piece of ginger with two grams of its leaves in water and cook it, and when the decoction(tea) is made, filter it and consume it in the morning and evening.

By consuming this, you will definitely get the full benefit from it in flatulence and diseases like digestion.

This medicine is very good for the problem of flatulence and for those who have frequent nausea, then in such conditions, this bay leaves will act as nectar for you.

  • bay leaves good for kidney stones

Apart from this, for those who have problems in the kidney, have kidney infections or have recurring stones, if they consume it in the morning and evening.

Then you will get rid of terrible diseases like a stone.

  • great benefits in nervousness and restlessness

For those who have weakness of heart as well as nervousness, also boil three grams of bay leaves and three to four grams of rose flowers.

Boiling them in about three hundred grams of water and when boiling After a quarter left, then it can be filtered and drunk.

Then those who have heart problems, nervousness and those who have restlessness will get great benefits in them.

  • relive in angina pain

For those who have angina pain, bay leaves are very beneficial in angina pain. Boil and drink two cloves, a bay leaf and 4-5 rose leaves for angina pain.

This will relieve you of the terrible problem of angina pain.

  • bay leaf tea purifies the uterine of women

Apart from this, according to Ayurveda, after pregnancy, the mother has to face many problems.

For that to take 2-3 gram bark of this tree, along with it mix one or two bay leaves, a little amount of celery and a little amount of dry ginger, after mix all in water boil all.

if you drink in the morning and evening, it will purify the uterine of women, in this way, bay leaf is very good medicine for uterine purification.

  • remove the yellowness of teeth

Bay leaves are also helpful in removing the yellowness of the teeth.

If you also have problems with yellowing of your teeth, then if you clean your teeth by mixing an equal quantity of dried bay leaf powder with neem(Azadirachta indica) leaf powder.

Along with brightening your teeth, your tooth worms will also die and if you clean your teeth with bay leaves continuously, then your teeth will become stronger.

conclusion :

It is one of the main drugs used as part of the diet, you can avoid the disease from these terrible diseases by consuming bay leaves in a variety of ways.

the right way to use bay leaves

  1. Drink and add in Food – For that, it is necessary that you drink bay leaves as a decoction(tea) by boiling it in the morning, Apart from this, you can also consume it in food, to use as a medicine to adopt in life.
  2. Plenty of more bay spices will not cure disease

    – Due to the taste of this tongue, the whole body has to suffer diseases, today there are many spices inside the market and there are most of the flavor enhancers of this food, So plenty of more bay leaves will not cure disease.

  3. The appropriate amount of bay leaves good for health

    – If the excess of bay leaves is increasing your disease, then by adding the appropriate amount of these leaves not only for the taste but for the enhancement of medicinal properties.

  4. Strengthen your health and tasteĀ  – the taste will be increased, Together, more than that, it will strengthen your health.

Everyone now knows the health benefits of bay leaves for health in one way or another, whether it is in your rice casserole, whether it is in vegetable, whether it is in curry.

Somewhere the bay leaf completely poured, along with this, sometimes grind and poured into various spices.

Using the whole leave normally never eat, it just discarded after cooking or even also find the supplement form with the bay leaves powder.

Bay leaves are not just a spice, these leaves are really a leaf to make you fast.