health benefits of Soursop (Graviola) based on scientific evidence

9 health benefits of soursop based on scientific evidence

after knowing the health benefits of soursop, if I had cancer there I had to choose a fruit to help with my cancer treatment and it will definitely be soursop also known as Graviola,

this is the ultimate cancer superfood but apart from being great to combat cancer, it’s excellent for eye health and can even treat infections.

so in this article, I am gone revel the health benefits of soursop fruit and what other supplements you can combine with Graviola to help treat cancer naturally and effectively.

soursop also know as Graviola or Annona muricata is a type of tree needed the tropical regions of the Americas,

this freshly green fruit has a creamy texture and a strong flavor it is often compared to pineapple or strawberry.

this fruit is typically eating raw cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flash from the inside,

the Graviola fruit can range in sizing could be quite large so it is best to divide into several portions.

now this fruit is even best when you can combine with other natural supplements to combat serious health conditions like cancer

so this article focused on the health benefits of soursop or Graviola and what other natural supplements you can combine with Graviola to help treat cancer naturally and effectively.

I am gone divided this article into two very important parts the benefit of the Graviola fruit for health and what other supplements you can take together with soursop to help combat cancer.

health benefits of soursop

this article focused on top 9 health benefits of soursop based on scientific evidence

health benefits of soursop
health benefits of Soursop
  • Graviola helps fight cancer

if you ever surprise which fruits are the best alternative for a cancer patient Graviola is at the top of the list reason behind that its anti-cancer properties.

the best research published in the food and function magazine reported that important bioactive compounds and components found in Graviola leave extract have positive cancer-fighting properties,

soursop contains an enzyme that has free radical scavenging abilities and the same enzymes help eliminate cancer cells. (1)

it believes that soursop leaves can eliminate cancer cells by blocking the manufacture of ATP which is the best energy source in the cells.

the most interesting thing is a Graviola leaf extract can help block this activity which reduces cancer cell impact and breaking them down until fall apart,

now apart from a block in the production of ATP and cancer cells and having those scavenging abilities of these free radicals.

Scientist the University of Mexico have discovered substance called acetogenins in this guanabana fruit this substance that chemotherapeutic properties and abilities

that you can see this fruit is amazing in the past couple minutes I just mentioned four important methods of how this Graviola fruit can help treat cancer. (2)

avocado health benefits also good to fight cancer cell growth.

  • soursop helps reduce eye disease

many of the potential benefits of the Graviola fruit are through to come from its antioxidant abilities and properties, (3)

this fruit is full of the fighter nutrition that high in anti-oxidants compounds some of these are alkaloids, saponins, terpenoids, flavonoids, coumarins, and lactose and tens of other combat diseases effectively.

this group of fighting nutrition can help fight off disease-causing the cells die off and even block tumor growth. (4)

but there is another important benefit that has recently been identified and it’s in eye diseases,

a new age-related eye disease study let by the national eye institute found anti-oxidants to be useful especially when consuming that includes vitamin c vitamin beta carotene and zinc,

this combination lowers the risk for developing eye-related macular degeneration by twenty-five percent in people who already had this disease and this vitamin can all be found in the Graviola fruit. (5)

  • guanabana fruit has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

soursop is a versatile anti-inflammatory food, extracts from the Graviola leaves have important anti-inflammatory properties in addition to those anti-microbial characteristics that this leave has.

for example, in the study, it was discovered that the soursop fruits can also be used as a natural anti-infection treatment for root canals,

you see sometimes dangerous chemicals suggest sodium hypo chloride which is a form of bleach is used to sparge those root canals prevent infections

a problem is this chemical can put serious health hazards for these people and that’s the study published in the journal of contemporary dental practice which shows that the use of the Graviola can be used to sparge that root canal and is very effective making it a much healthier option. (6)

  • Graviola can be used to treat infections

with so many health benefits is not a surprise Graviola can also be used to treat infections caused by bacteria and parasites and one of them is leishmaniasis,

leishmaniasis is a disease which is transmitted through to the bite of the sandfly and this fruit can be used to treat this parasite

but other conditions like herpes, vomiting, and coughing are all symptoms caused by bacterial or viral infections. the Graviola fruit and its tea also be used deficiently to fight off infections. (7)

  • Guanabana could Reduce Inflammation

some evidence-based study shows that soursop might help to reduce inflammation incredibly in a great way

one study was done and published in the Journal of Medicinal Food where they treated rats with soursop extract and concluded that soursop plays a good role in alleviating inflammation and lower swelling. (8)

in another study published in the international journal of molecular sciences where mice treated with soursop extract resulted in mice, swelling reduces 37% this really amazing. (9)

  • soursop leaves benefits good for diabetes

many studies are done and published shows that soursop leaves may help to lower blood sugar levels very effectively in the study

with a little amount of 100 mg dose.

according to one done study on soursop leaves extract lower blood sugar level in diabetic rats at 100 mg dose

resulted in the sugar level low 75% in these rats but no change in without diabetic rats. (10)

in another study, where diabetic 10 rats were injected with soursop extract for the next two weeks and Those rats who received the extract had blood sugar levels that were five times lower compared to the untreated group. (11)

Although more study and research on humans is necessary these results suggest that soursop might be profitable for those with diabetes when paired with a healthy daily diet and active lifestyle.

  • it can help with sleep

many people believed soursop good for sleep but there is no study that proves soursop can good for sleep

due to some nutrition, soursop may be good for mild insomnia, and the biggest reason in this tryptophan presence in it.

a study on tryptophan with sleep In which treated 1 g dose of tryptophan with placebo found helpful to decrease in sleep latency and an increase in rated subjective sleepiness. (12)

however, this results not sufficient for soursop because it contains only .o1 tryptophan per 100 gram which is not a sufficient amount for good sleep according to this study.

  • soursop has antimicrobial properties

soursop leaves extract antimicrobial properties have good effects on Oral Pathogens especially for candida

to prove this a study done on Annona muricata leaf extract shows good antimicrobial against oral Pathogens

results especially best in Candida species this truly amazing. (13)

  • soursop can kill pancreatic cancer cells

pancreatic cancer one of deadly cancer in medicine this cancer is deadly because patients digest any of the food here she is ingesting

it so dangerous that this cancer use takes away the patient’s life in close to three months after appearing.

now the Graviola leaves extract shown an ability to help kill off numerous types of cancer cells but specifically, pancreatic cancer,

a study conducted by the University of Nebraska in the medical center they have found

the extract of these leaves and the fruit can greatly reduce pancreatic cancer,

you see cancer cells can consume more sugar and need more glucose to survive.

now in this study cells that were treated with the Graviola extracted decrease their glucose uptake it more difficult for them to multiply or grow

obviously results block the spread of this cancer. (14)

I can say enough about this fruit it’s truly a natural gem.

other effective anti-cancer natural supplements

if we combine Graviola extract with other effective anti-cancer supplements you really have a powerful effect on cancer let’s go over a couple of these.

  • modified citrus pectin

American cancer society recommends we eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every single day to help reduce those cancer risks

and one of the way to get this benefits it’s through modified citrus pectin.

pectin is a substance found the cell walls of most plants but especially in the pill and the pop of citrus fruits such as lemons oranges limes and grapefruit.

citrus has been in able to use that ph change in temperature modifications to break down the pectin long-chain molecule into small units that quickly absorbed into the bloodstream,

the result of this process curve rise some modified citrus pectin this supplement without getting into the details

how works are fantastic in the prevention of cancer metastasis, modify to just pectin to use in prevention and treatment of metastasis cancer

but especially solid tumors like melanomas prostate colon and even breast cancers.

so how do you take it? buy yourself a good quality modified citrus pectic and take around fifteen grams of this supplement for data to inhibit that cancer growth

  • vitamin c

vitamin c maybe one of the most powerful immune-boosting anti-cancer supplements in nature,

for decades now people are using high dosages of vitamin c to combat cancer.

now here’s a trick in low doses around five hundred milligrams for day vitamin c does indeed boost our immune system but at high doses,

it literally kills off cancer cells that producing lethal hydrogen peroxide inside this cancer tumor which send causes them to self destruct.

now in Germany doctor decided to use vitamin c as a chemotherapy treatment what they do is a place of Katherine which is a small tube

that can supply the tumor with high doses of vitamin c and inject a high amount of the substance into the arteries that supplying with blood to that tumor in most cases

this procedure is successful and helps steroid cancer depending on the size and the type of cancer treated.

what I suggest you do alongside your medical treatment is consume very large doses

or amounts of all vitamin c. between one-two grams of vitamin c per day to help treat your condition.