What Are The Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has more than 13 health benefits that include treatment for Candida, cancer, acne, SIBO, UTI, pain, cough, cold, flu,  & burn wounds.

Famously known oregano is a flowering plant we all have in our kitchen.

It’s a flowering plant that comes from the same family as mint and is often used as a herb to flavor food, pizza, etc.

But the best part is that oregano, which is originally native to Europe produces an oil known all over the world for its incredible health benefits.

It has the power to eliminate Candida’s lower cholesterol improve digestion relieve pain, and much more.

Here explained the most 14 impressive health benefits of using oregano and oregano oil at home.

  • it destroys Candida

Most of us tend to forget, and others obviously ignore that we naturally carry yeast and candida, it in many parts of our bodies.

It can be found nerves, skin, ears, nose, genital, and digestive system.

The problem is that an overgrowth of fungus sometimes due to antibiotic use, maybe poor immune function can result in gut problems and infections.

The good news is that one study on oregano oil found that it has effective against more than 4 different kinds of Candida in the human body.

Also, it shows more effectiveness compared to any other essential oil tested in this study (1).

One scientific study found that carvacrol, which is the main substance found in oregano oil is very effective against oral and digestive Candida (2).

And this is excellent because oregano oil can be used to do an intestinal cleanse from time to time.

If you can I do recommend you do one whenever possible, controlling yeast overgrowth is very important for our human body.

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  • oregano oil may alternative for treats acne

Some studies show that oregano oil can the potential for a natural alternative in treating acne.

a study published in 2018 on treating acne suggested that essential oregano oil nanoemulsion has the potential for treating acne as an effective and natural alternative (3).

However, 2018 study data shows that oregano oil may be a natural substitute for propionibacterium acnes on mice, but to explore its effect on the human some more research needed with favorable results.

so now you know the effects essential oil of oregano for acne treatment with evidence, but before using it always consult a proper doctor. then, don’t forget to dilute it with your skin favorable carrier oil.

  • oregano oil may effective for UTI

Mainly among 60% to 90% in children, Escherichia coli found to responsible for Urinary tract infection, this oil can help to slow and stop the growth of some of those bacteria that cause this infection.

A 2012 study conducted to investigate the essential oil of oregano against Escherichia coli, which suggests that it May slow or inhibit the growth of E. coli (4).

While another 2015 study was analyzed the effectiveness of oregano essential oil which shows that oregano oil had higher antimicrobial properties as compared to lavender oil that can fight E. coli such bacteria (5).

In a single line summary, oregano oil has the potential to fight urinary tract infection bacteria according to some Vivo and Vitro study, but till now currently not done even a study on humans.

  • helps to treat small intestine bacterial overgrowth

Some compounds which already found in oregano oil can contribute to treating SIBO with positive effects.

One study published in 2014 on 104 patients shows that herbal remedies that contained high levels of both compounds, including carvacrol and thymol had effective against SIBO (6).

Although the preliminary findings of this study may be positive in the treatment of SIBO, nonetheless more research is needed to show the individual effects of each compound.

  • oregano can have cancer-fighting competency

Carvacrol which is commonly found in oregano oil can have cancer-fighting competency.

Few test-tube studies show that carvacrol has positive results against breast, liver, and even lung cancer cells. which is obviously amazing for those who want to know about carvacrol cancer-fighting properties.

Even found that it causes cancer cell death and also inhibits this type of cell growth (7, 8, 9).

However this all is positive studies against cancer, but no research is done on people, so more promising research is required.

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  • may help relieve cold and flu symptoms

Some studies have shown the effect of essential oregano oil for cold and flu.

one study published in 2017 found that in oregano leaf-flower essential oil has powerful antioxidant properties.

This study attention the traditional utilization of it in treating respiratory and fever symptoms, which are commonly linked with the flu (10).

Where another laboratory study was done to find the effectiveness and shows that an essential oil blend was not effective against the respiratory syncytial virus or adenovirus 5 (11).

The same 2019 study shows that it did show powerful antiviral activity against rhinovirus, which responsible for causes the common cold.

Although this study tested the oil on a dish, not on the person, so it is not clear, actually, the blend would kill the flu or cold virus in a human.

Where 2019 not found any effect of a blend of essential oregano oil, while the 2016 review already noted that it can be effective for adenovirus 3 (12).

Adenovirus can cause illnesses like sore throat and other cold symptoms.

  • can reduce inflammation

Inflammation in the human body is connected to contrary health impacts.

The study has shown that oregano essential oil can decrease inflammation.

a study published in 2007 on mouse shows that thyme essential oil with oregano essential oil decreased inflammatory markers, in those who had trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid(artificially) induced colitis (13).

In addition, carvacrol – which is the best effective component in this oil, found to decrease inflammation in research.

for example, in one scientific study where researchers directly applied various concentrations of carvacrol to ears or swollen paws and show that it reduced paw swelling by 35-61% and reduced ears swelling by 33-43% respectively (14).

in summary oregano essential oil and its component carvacrol can help to reduce inflammation in the mouse, however, to prove this inflammation effects, the human study is required.

after this, if you want to reduce inflammation with juice, drink pomegranate juice benefits you in this situation.

  • can help to lower pain

some studies supported oregano oil has been for pain-killing properties.

a study in mice tested standard analgesic drugs (fenoprofen and morphine) and essential oils, obviously including oregano essential oil, for their capability to relieve pain.

In this study, researchers found that oregano essential oil can decrease pain in mice, and these effects may similar to normally used painkillers such as morphine and fenoprofen.

and suggested that these effects likely due to the carvacrol content of this essential oil (15).

a recent study also found that its extracts decreased pain in male rats shows that the reaction depends on the more dose, it simply means when increases consumption of dose they feel lower pain (16).

  • it lowers cholesterol

Heart disease is the first cause of death in the world today.

And this is true because 90% of the people ignore that they suffer from high cholesterol levels until it’s too late.

now more than 2 studies have shown that oregano oil or it’s components, can contribute to decreasing cholesterol in the human body.

In one study patients were given oregano oil, comparing it to other participants who only used a diet and lifestyle changes after three months, those who are given, oregano oil had a lower LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, compared to those who are just given a change in diet and lifestyle (17).

An investigation to find the effect of carvacrol against high-fat-diet shows that carvacrol-supplemented high-fat diet significantly lowers cholesterol at 10’s weeks end compared to those mice who take a diet only (18).

This is definitely something we should be looking into because cholesterol is something very very important for people. And for all of us, because the first cause of death in the world is heart disease.

If your cholesterol is high your probability of suffering circulation and heart problems is much higher, So never ignore this.

  • it’s a potent antioxidant

oregano contained antioxidants that may help protect our bodies from damage that commonly caused by free radicals.

They also protect us from aging and the development of many diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

In fact, I would say that no diet is 100% complete without a proper dose of antioxidants. This is something every single cell, and every one of us should be having.

Now one of the most impressive characteristics of oregano oil is that it contains 30 times more antioxidants than many natural herbs found in nature (19).

oregano has 42 times more antioxidants than an apple, which is extremely impressive never know the amount of protection you can get from adding just oregano, or maybe an antioxidant-rich food to your diet. Maybe lemons blueberries etc.

It’s a very important part of your health, so do not ignore it.

  • it helps you lose weight

Weight loss can be a serious problem for many, especially those suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

And then finally chance you are now overweight or at a higher risk for suffering hundreds of other health conditions, you never imagined.

But one of the healthiest ways of reducing the risk and proving weight loss is done through diet.

Especially the consumption of foods like oregano that can aid you in weight loss.

you see oregano contains carvacrol, a substance that helps with metabolism control and acceleration.

Just to have an idea A 2012 study investigated the effect of carvacrol in mice fed along with a high-fat diet,

they found that those mice take carvacrol with their high-fat diet significantly decreased body weight and fat. which compared to those mice who alone taken a high-fat diet (20).

the actuality is that in more research now required to prove how oregano plays such a significant role in weight loss.

But oregano oil can be worth trying it at home as a portion of a healthy diet.

Now if you want to take oregano, I suggest you do it in low doses because it can be very high in concentrations.

you should always read the label of the product you’ve bought and not drink it directly.

It’s usually very concentrated and sometimes can be even toxic. So remember always diluted before consuming.

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  • oregano improves digestion

I don’t know if I’ve said this before where we can have good health, without proper digestion.

I still don’t understand why medical schools, avoid teaching nutrition to their medical students.

We are what we eat, and our health is greatly affected by digestion and food, much more than we think.

The good news is, oregano can benefit our gut health in a number of ways. For example symptoms like diarrhea pain and bloating, are common And many times caused by gut parasites.

one study where 14 participants who had already gut-symptoms due result of parasites, takes 600 milligrams of oregano oil.

After daily supplementation treatment for six weeks, all the participants feel a disappearance in parasites and even 77% of them were cured completely.

The most interesting thing is it these peoples felt a decrease in gut symptoms and even tiredness related to these symptoms (21).

That’s not all because oregano can also help protect you against another common complaint, which is known as a leaky gut syndrome,

which happens when our gut becomes injured, allowing toxins and bacterias to pass into our bloodstream.

All this is very very important so do not ignore the power of simple oregano, every single day with your food.

  • may have cough relief properties

A high-level potent compound found in oregano essential oil called carvacrol – which can fight off some types of germs in a few studies.

a study done in 2014 on a component of essential oils called carvacrol, and the authors found that it is an adjuvant antimicrobial agent that may fight many-types of germs (22).

that’s a reason this oil can contribute to treating bacterial or viral causes of cough.

previously, some products claim that oregano essential oils can easily be used for coughs, but don’t forget the CBC 2012 news where a company misleads the oregano oil for combat whopping coughs to the public and 7-year-old Ryan dies – according to a doctor (23).

parents of Ryan trying to treat strep infection with oil of oregano, dandelion tea, and other natural things, While oil of oregano natural antibiotics would have almost definitely cured him (24).

An unproven natural remedy will harm, so always follow the proper doctor’s recommendation before using oregano essential oil with any other for a cough or cold or even flu.

  • can reduce bacterial from burn wound

the skin lesion is mainly prone to bacterial infections because of the wounds give an ideal environment for bacterial spreading and a route of entrance in the bloodstream.

Only a few studies have been conducted to examine the efficacy of oregano on infected burn wounds. But the good news is that this study provides promising results.

A study published in 2018 on oregano oil shows that this oil significantly reduces the burden of bacteria from infected burn wounds and even shows that there were no side effects on the skin (25).

Here all the health benefits of oregano oil completed with evidence.

Final conclusion

The best part is that its oil has been seen to favor the human body’s health in more ways than we could expect.

oregano is a truly popular herb is so popular that people use it every single day as part of pizza preparations.

It contains important medicinal compounds called phenols, terpenes, and terpenoids.

All of these have powerful antioxidant properties and are all responsible for its fragrance.

And nowadays no one denies that using oregano at home contributes to good health benefits.