what are the health benefits of pomegranate juice

what are the health benefits of pomegranate juice

due to the amazing health benefits of pomegranate juice, consuming specially prepared juices for health has become incredibly popular in the past couple of years

there are many combinations of fruits you can try to improve the most varied of health conditions, celery with green apple carrot juice, lemon extract with beets, etc.

Juices, in particular, that’s starting to be considered the healthiest juice on the planet and its pomegranate juice.

So in today’s article, I’m going to reveal the health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice, and how to prepare it the benefit from it on a daily basis.

A good healthy juice doesn’t have to be green or full of spinach to be healthy, pomegranate juice is an excellent alternative this nowadays starting to become very popular.

Due to there health benefits that science starting to discover pomegranate a fruit that has its origins in the Middle East, from Iran to India which later in history introduced into the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadores.

And nowadays pomegranate juice considers being one of the most powerful sources for health in the human body, with more than 100 different phytochemicals that have the potential to change the course of the disease within our organism.

This fruit has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, and today has been studied for the many health benefits that include cancer prevention immune support, and even fertility.

So in today’s article, I’m gonna reveal the health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice, and how to prepare it to benefit from it on a daily basis.

15 Health Benefits of pomegranate juice
15 Health Benefits of pomegranate juice

health benefits of pomegranate

These all are amazing health benefits of pomegranate, its juice, bark, peel, and flower, based on scientific evidence.

  • it helps fight off cancer

The extracts you get from the pomegranate fruit contain a wonderful amount of polyphenols and many other compounds that have vital effects against cancer cells.

this fruit has anti-proliferative, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory effects in cancers of the prostate lung breast and other types of cancers.

in normal terms, this truly means that pomegranate juice prevents the development and the expansion of cancer cells throughout your body.

This fruit boosts the death of cancer cells and prevents inflammation, for example in a 2014 study conducted at the University of Albany.

They demonstrated how pomegranate extract can inhibit the spread of MCF seven breast cancer cells (1).

pomegranate juice is also shown to be especially helpful in prostate cancer. For example, in clinical research from 2006 prostate cancer patients were given one cup of pomegranate juice, alongside conventional treatment and researchers saw that the pomegranate juice reduces this PSA sooner than expected (2).

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  • decreases hypertension

pomegranate juice has an extremely high antioxidant capacity, and this is why it can help lower high blood pressure in most of the patients that have this condition (3).

a meta-analysis which is a summary of many different studies published in 2016 looked at the effect of pomegranate juice on high blood pressure, and they concluded that pomegranate, does indeed reduce this condition (4).

but the most effective assets of pomegranate juice are that it contains hundreds of healthy compounds that increase heart health.

  • relieves arthritis and osteoarthritis

These two health conditions are some of the most common musculoskeletal conditions that lead to joint degeneration, and bone pain.

many studies have seen that pomegranate extract may play a very vindicatory role by diminishing cartilage inflammation.

for example, in a 2016 recent treatment, where study perceived at the Impacts of pomegranate juice on more than 30 patients with osteoarthritis in their knees, 50% of these patients drank pomegranate juice for one and a half month, while the remaining 50% of patients drank a controlled substance that was obviously not pomegranate.

Researchers found that the consumption of pomegranate juice not only improves the physical function and the hardness of this group but also rises antioxidant capacity while decreasing the breakdown of cartilage in these patients (5).

So if you suffer from osteoarthritis or arthritis, I suggest you juice on pomegranate with celery on a daily basis.

  • pomegranate juice improves your memory

having memory problems is quite common. And we’ve all suffered from them, but believe it or not pomegranate juice can help enormously.

The polyphenols found in pomegranates which are more than 100 different types of polyphenols have shown to improve memory in more than one way,

for example, in a 2013 study, 28 older age participants that had memory problems given a cup of pomegranate juice per day and incredibly these people with those memory complaints significantly improve their markers in both verbal and visual memory,

researchers suggest that pomegranate juice shows to be promoted the memory function of all patients who take this juice (6).

And there are other studies also found evidence that pomegranate can also fight off Alzheimer’s disease, making this fruit, excellent beneficial food for brain function (7, 8).

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  • pomegranate juice may improve heart health

If pomegranate juice is so good for your blood pressure it shouldn’t be any wonder that it’s also great for heart health.

This fruit contains antioxidants at a much higher level than other fruits, and that’s one of the reasons why it can also be healthy for your heart,

new research published in the clinical nutritional magazine, suddenly effects of pomegranate juice consumption by patients with carotid artery stenosis.

This is a very serious health condition because it’s a marrying of two key arteries, located in the front of the neck, through which blood from the heart goes into the brain,

participants who consume pomegranate juice for a long period of time lowered their blood pressure by more than 12%, and had a 30% reduction in arthroscopic plaque in these arteries and This, my friends, is unbelievable.

The people who did not drink the pomegranate juice other plaque increased by 9% (9).

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  • pomegranate juice fights inflammation

In recent years, inflammation has been found to be associated with almost every health condition out there, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many, many others.

Luckily pomegranate and pomegranate juice also know to have that potent anti-inflammatory ability,

just you know a study published in evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine demonstrated pomegranate juice has an incredible anti-inflammatory activity in our gut (10).

Some studies with the whole fruit, the juice peel, and even the flowers, also discovered that the pomegranate can have a powerful anti-ulcer effect in our digestive system,

and another study with diabetic patients finds out that pomegranate juice has the potential to lower inflammation in these patients (11).

  • boost the digestive system

Pomegranate juice may be very beneficial for those whose digestive power is weak and the stomach always produces gas along with sour belching.

Because its juice strengthens your digestive power and eliminates all problems related to digestion.

To reduce digestion related problems, one cup of pomegranate juice can be drunk in the morning and one cup in the evening and this health benefits of pomegranate juice may be tested realistically.

  • pomegranate juice benefits for men

Pomegranate juice may also be a great health benefit for the male to reduce problems related to semen, such as dilution of semen or loss of semen or low sperm content in semen.

one study in 2007 done on more than 25 rats treated with Pomegranate Juice and demonstrated that it promotes sperm motility, spermatogenic cell density, the diameter of seminiferous tubules, and epididymal sperm concentration (12).

this study simply means pomegranate juice consumption may solve sperm related problems, so if you have these sperm problems you can consume pomegranate juice on a daily basis.

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  • Pomegranate has antifungal efficacy

in a study has done to evaluate the in vitro antifungal efficacy of different fruits including pomegranate on Candida albicans by the Department of Community Dentistry, College of Dental Sciences from India and they concluded that Pomegranate peel powder highest inhibition of Candida albicans (13).

  • may Best for Dental Plaque

one study conducted on dental plaque microorganisms where patients including 27 males and 33 females treated with a hydroalcoholic extract from the pomegranate,

this same study shows a hydroalcoholic extract from pomegranate may a substitute for the treatment of dental plaque bacteria (14).

in another study by the Sdm College of Dental Sciences and Hospital from India where they evaluated the impact of a pomegranate-containing mouth rinse and results demonstrated that mouth rinse with pomegranate extract can be protracted antiplaque rinse with prophylactic health benefits (15).

  • reduce fatty liver in type 2 diabetes

pomegranate may very easily reduce fatty liver in type 2 diabetes patients.

once study done in 2009 by the Faculty of Pharmacy from The University of Sydney on type 2 diabetes and fatty liver rats treated with pomegranate flower investigated the impacts that show the decreased ratio of liver weight (16).

  • may possibly treat malaria

methanolic extract of the pomegranate fruit rind of may possibly treat malaria.

a recent study has done on pomegranate seed extract and published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology suggests that it may anti-malarial remedy(17).

so if if you suffered from malaria you can use pomegranate seed extract to get relief in this disease.

  • decreases the wound

pomegranate fruit peel, flower extract, and bark may easily treat wounds.

For example in a study where extracts of pomegranate flowers demonstrated wound healing in diabetic rats at 200 mg dose per day (18).

in the second study where the bark of Punica granatum(pomegranate) topically treated for wound healing and results show a significant reduction in the wound area, it’s really incredible (19).

In the third study where Punica granatum (pomegranate) peel gel is treated for wound healing on the skin of Wistar rats and the results show good healing in the area of ​​the wound (20), this truly amazing.

  • can thin your blood

pomegranate contains a good amount of antioxidants which help in the blood to thin, and pomegranate seeds may secure for forming clots and coagulation of our blood platelets.

whatever clots mostly are known in two types first one is the external or upper side your body and second are internal or inside your body.

external blood clots easily and speedily recover during any injury which is good and the internal blood clots not good for your inside body.

  • extract of pomegranate may improve Exercise Performance

due to high in dietary nitrate, Pomegranate may effectively improve exercise performance.

a study done on 19 athletes in 2014 including men and women demonstrated that at 1 gram of Pomegranate extracts before 30 minutes of exercise may increasing exercise efficiency, significantly enhanced blood flow, and delay the onset of fatigue (21).

In conclusion pomegranate high in nitrates may helpful in improve exercise performance.

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  • it helps to fight erectile dysfunction

Pomegranate Juice high antioxidants may help to fight erectile dysfunction,

a study was done in 2005 on rabbits that show pomegranate juice helps increase blood flow and erectile response (22).

thereafter in another pilot study on 53 men with erectile dysfunction shows pomegranate has some benefit in erectile dysfunction (23).

  • how to make some pomegranate juice

pomegranate juice known to be the healthiest juice on the planet, and this is a very good reason you need to know how to prepare correctly.

Okay, so when you find a good natural organic pomegranate wash it clear out, and use a normal knife to cut a circle around the top crown.

endeavor to angle that knife down towards the center to keep sure that the top comes out very readily later on.

Next, you score down the fruit in three or five sides if you want, but be natural to cut it down leisurely and not more deep into the pomegranate fruit.

Once step complete open up the fruit and remove the arils in cool water. I like to remove the arils when the fruit submerged in water to prevent any of the juice from squirting out

once you’ve removed all the arils remove the water from the bowl and pour the arils into your blender, add some water to this mix and blend it thoroughly.

when this process is complete, be sure to use a strainer roof, all the bulk seeds that are floating in that pomegranate juice, you just prepared,

and you can use a spatula to stir all the mix and remove all that chews that could have stayed possibly in that mixture.

Once you’re done enjoy this pure juice in the most powerful form. It’s delicious.

so now you know about pomegranate and pomegranate juice health benefits and how to prepare it.