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What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin A?

Due to the health benefits of vitamin A, it is very popular to treat many health conditions effectively and naturally as like support to the immune function, preserve your eyesight, improve skin health and beauty, and keeps your bone healthy.

Most people don’t realize that vitamins and minerals on the essential part of the human body, most of us think that only a certain number of them are important, and the rest, don’t really matter.

Vitamin C for immunity vitamin E for skin and beauty and vitamin D for mental health, but have you ever heard anything about vitamin A, did you thought that if we’re not taking vitamin A we might go blind.

This is the first vitamin on our list but most of us don’t really know what it’s good for.

So in this article, I’ll reveal the most important 10 health benefits of between vitamin A, and where you can find it to benefit from it on a daily basis.

a lot of said about vitamin C for immune function, vitamin E for skin and beauty, and very little is said about vitamin A,

this vital nutrient is essential for many processes in the body, and needs a lot more attention than it really is getting.

it plays an essential role in vision, liver function immune system health, and even the proper growth and development of babies in the womb.

Now the good news is a vitamin A can be found almost anywhere if you know where to look, it’s found in animal products including meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables, including even carrots, spinach, and the most varied of foods.

here is infographic image of 10 health benefits of vitamin A

10 health benefits of vitamin A
10 health benefits of vitamin A

10 health benefits of vitamin A

So in today’s article, I’ll reveal the most important 10 health benefits of consuming vitamin A, and where you can find it to benefit from it on a daily basis.

  • vitamin A contributes an essential role in immune function

Everybody aware that vitamin C is most significant when it comes to your immune function, but most public don’t unacquainted that vitamin A can be just as vital. vitamin A plays an essential role in preserving your body’s natural defense system.

you see this includes the mucous barriers of our eyes, lungs, gut, and even genitals, which help trapped bacteria and other infectious agents in some aspects vitamin A could be considered even more important vitamin C.

If it weren’t for this vitamin we wouldn’t have that protective barrier against pathogens on the first line of defense. vitamin A is also contiguous in the function and production of white blood cells.

These are the cells that help clear up and capture pathogens and bacteria from our bloodstream.

This simply means that the deficiency in vitamin A may potentially increase our susceptibility to infections and procrastination the recovery process when we get sick (1, 2).

something interesting you should know about is in countries where infections like measles and malaria are common correcting a vitamin A deficiency in children has been shown to lower the risk of death from these diseases (3).

It’s actually very important. Never underestimate the power of vitamin A.

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  • vitamin A preserves your eyesight

There’s no hesitance that vitamin A is the very necessary vitamin for protecting our vision. This vitamin needed by the body to convert the light that hits our eyes into an electrical signal that may be sent to the brain.

In truth, one of the top symptoms due to vitamin A deficiency is night blindness (4).

This is the most general eye-related blindness in the public today, mainly for those over 40 people with this condition may still see clearly during the day but they have a reduced vision in the dark,

so I normally suggest you start consuming vitamin A on a daily basis.

You don’t desire blindness to appear before it’s too late. And that you unable indeed do very much about it to correct the problem. you may try consuming carrots, eggs, cod liver oil orange citrus fruits.

All of these have plenty of vitamin A that will help your hives stay healthy.

  • vitamin A keeps your bones healthy

Most people think that calcium and vitamin D are two of the only substances needed by the human body to keep our bones healthy,

and if you didn’t know this let me tell you that the human body needs, many other vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and one of them is vitamin A.

you see eating enough vitamin A is necessary for proper bone growth and development. Most people never take this seriously, until their bones can hardly even take it anymore.

Some foods that are rich in vitamin A that you should be considering taking every day including eggs oranges and even yellow vegetables or leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits,

it’s very important to understand that the deficiency in vitamin A, has been linked to poor bone health.

In fact, it’s very common to see how people with lower blood levels of vitamin A, are at a higher risk of bone fractures than people who have healthy levels (5).

On the other hand, a recent meta-analysis of observational studies found that people with a higher amount of vitamin A in their diet had a 6% decrease risk for fractures (5),

which is, by the way, a lot, considering it’s only a vitamin.

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  • vitamin A improves skin health and beauty

Let me tell you something you might not know about vitamin A has the power to help us improve skin health and beauty, but more specifically acne.

You see people with this condition tend to develop painful spots and blackheads on their face, their back, and their chest.

Now the good news is consuming vitamin A has shown to play a very important role in the development and treatment of acne, but it unclear (6).

In case you didn’t know this, a vitamin A deficiency actually increases your risk of developing acne, which is because it causes an overproduction of keratin in your hair follicles (7, 8).

I’ve seen it time and time again how consuming vitamin A, along with other minerals like zinc does indeed improve an acne condition.

The same thing happens if you start consuming vitamin A in rich foods for acne, mango, for example, is one of the richest sources for vitamin A in is also excellent for those suffering from acne.

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  • vitamin A prevents the appearance of certain cancers

there’s no doubt that certain vitamins and minerals, especially those that are highly antioxidants, like vitamin A, have a powerful effect against cancer.

If you remember cancer cures when abnormal cells begin to grow and divide in an uncontrollable way. The good news is vitamin A plays a very important role in the growth and development of our cells, its effect on cancer risk has also been of interest in science (9, 10).

for example, in many observational studies, consuming supreme amounts of vitamin A which mainly in the form of beta carotene has been Connected to reducing the risk of certain types of cancers, which includes Hodgkin’s lymphoma cervical lung and even bladder cancer (11, 12, 13, 14).

As a matter of fact, some cancer prevents the protocols that you might know about recommend drinking vegetable juices that are high in beta carotene one of these carrot juice, which is considered to be one of the most highly concentrated antioxidant natural resources for vitamin A.

whats more I suggest you make an effort to prepare yourself a good carrot juice extract from time to time, even better if it’s every day. very healthy and extremely rich and beta carotene, which is a form of vitamin A.

pomegranate juice is also beneficial in cancer so read the health benefits of pomegranate juice against cancer cells.

  • Vitamin A can benefit children with measles

two doses of vitamin A in 2 days may beneficial to those children who suffer from measles.

The reason behind this recommendation from WHO, two reviewers reported that when all studies evaluate together a 64% reduction in mortality was observed when children suffering from measles for two days were given oral doses of 100,000 IU of water-based vitamin A compared to placebo (15).

These studies indicated that vitamin A may be beneficial if given two doses of 100,000 IU in infants or 200000 IU for 2 days to children with measles.

  • possibly beneficial in diarrhea

this may occur in childhood due to deficiency in vitamin A. but supplementing vitamin A can control this problem in childhood.

For example, a double-blind trial has been performed to demonstrate the effect of vitamin A on childhood diarrhea in 1240 children in northeastern Brazil who were 6–48 months old And they found that the severity of diarrhea decreased (16).

where another study on preschool children reported that vitamin A deficiency associated with increased diarrhea morbidity (1).

finally, one more study done in Bangladesh suggests that given vitamin A may provide beneficial effects during diarrhoeal sickness (17).

  • vitamin A supplements reduce childhood mortality

supplementing vitamin A may reduce childhood mortality in boys and girls.

For example, a study on 25 939 preschool children (over 1 year of age) in 450 villages in North Sumatra showed that vitamin A deficiency increased childhood mortality and suggested that vitamin A Supplements may reduce mortality by 34% in these vitamin deficient populations (18).

Whereas a meta-analysis of six tests on the neonatal found that no evidence of reduced risk of mortality during infancy after supplementation with vitamin A (19).

after all trials as a conclusion here are confusion vitamin A supplements decrease childhood mortality or not. nevertheless to prove positive results more studies required.

  • vitamin A can reduce Pregnancy-related death

supplementing vitamin A may decrease Pregnancy-related death in those areas where this vitamin deficiency is common or they are HIV positive (20).

a study on 20,119 pregnant women who pregnant 22,189 times in the undernourished population of South Asia and results shows that vitamin A oral supplement reduces 40% pregnancy-related mortality (21).

However, some studies do not support including vitamin A supplements safe for women during pregnancy in the Maternal Survival (22, 23).

maybe vitamin A positively can be recommended for improving Pregnancy-related death after some more research support this.

  • Improves Reproduction and Healthy Growth

Vitamin A especially needed for maintaining a healthy breeding system in women and men, Along with this make sure the development and augmentation of embryos throughout pregnancy.

Rat studies investigating the excellence of vitamin A in male reproduction demonstrated that vitamin A shortage blocks the growth of sperm cells, which causes infertility (24, 25).

Additionally, animal study has indicated that vitamin A scarcity in females may influence reproduction by affecting egg transplantation in the womb and decreasing egg quality (24).

in pregnant women, vitamin A effectively can play a vital role in the development and growth of many leading organs and structures of the unborn baby, including the eyes, heart, nervous system, lungs, pancreas, and skeleton.

however, much short common than vitamin A shortage, yet very high vitamin A in pregnancy may be deleterious to the developing child and can lead to birth-related defects (26, 27).

so now you know all the top and amazing health benefits of VItamin and if you taking vitamin A in any form consult a doctor first before consuming.